Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Posted by Marie

So I love, love, LOVE Urban Decay Primer Potion. When I was younger I never wore shadow because it wouldnt stay on my lids...gotta love a dry face and oily lids. Anyway.....one day I stumbled upon the likes of that pretty purple genie bottle...So cute!! So girly!! Such a stupid bottle!!! Even with the change of the wand it doesnt really help all that much in getting all that other product out of the bottle, and cutting it open is not something I'm looking forward to having to do.

And in comes Heavenly Natural Beauty. Rene (the owner) carries an eyeshadow primer that in my opinion, works just as well as UDPP, for a fraction of the price, AND it comes in a convenient jar...yes people, a JAR!! Granted, it doesn't get me dancing around my bedroom pretending I'm Christina Aguilera (I'm a genie in a bottle bay-bay..come, come, come on and let me out!), but it gets the job DONE! I've used it with mineral shadows, pressed shadows, under a cream base like NYX jumbo pencils or Mehron and I've not had any creasing, fading, etc....I've even fell asleep with my makeup on (bad ReeRee), and woke up with the same eye look I went to bed in.

Did I mention it's $6.95 a jar??? For a 1 gram jar (I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to convert fluid oz to solid grams so I could give you a comparison, but just know that this jar is filled up ok? I'm sure the amounts are comparable) is $6.95, UDPP is $17 + tax...so essentially, you can get 2 jars from HN for the price of 1 UDPP , and that would be including shipping! Now I know if you've ran out of UDPP, waiting 3-5 days on your primer to arrive may be pushing it, but if you can order it early, give it a try.....I say it's worth the money!! I don't see me shelling out the big bucks on UDPP any time soon!

Stay Pretty!


Msz Trin. ♥ said...

Ooh!! This makes me NOT want UDPP and this primer instead! I've been in need of some products from Heavenly Natural - you must tell me all your must-haves! :D

Mellie said...

Nice! I love UDPP (though I switched to TFSI for the packaging reasons, but the pricing is similar anyway), but this would definitely be something I am willing to try out. I also love Heavenly Naturals! Thanks for the post, sis! :)

CassandraKK said...

Must get this!!! I use TFSI. . . how does it compare to that? UDPP doesn't work so well for me.. my eye lids are the worst!! haha thanks for the great post!



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