Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Posted by Marie

So I know us ladies (and some gents out there as well) spend a lot of money on looking good. From perfume to makeup, clothes and shoes, we'd go broke if we didn't handle our responsibilities first...and sometimes we will even let those slip for a moment lol.

But I want to lend my hand at helping all of us get a little more bang for our buck! I'm out to find all the ways we can keep some of that extra $$ in our pocket...at least until the next MAC collection comes out! Haha...

One of the things we spend a lot of money on is our nails/pedicures...if you're not one of those lucky ones whose nails grow out beautifully on their own, you're like me...getting a full acrylic set can cost you up to $70 easily, and that's not counting the pedicure! I'm not a big fan of the fly by night $25 full set nail "salons" that are on every corner..been there, done that, had the messed up nails to prove it thanks to one too many passes of that drill in basically unskilled, uncaring hands. Ive recently gone back to my old ways.....Beauty Schools.....there are deals to be found at the beauty school. You are only worked on by students that are near graduation and they are under the supervision of the instructor. It might take a bit longer than a normal salon visit, but the money you can save is worth the time, in my opinion.

I just recently got mine done at the local beauty college for $10 for a tip overlay....that's a damn good deal, and it really only took her about 20 minutes longer than the corner shop...no drill, no cut cuticles...none of the issues I've run across at 'Kim's Nails' lol....

So check your area beauty schools and see what kind of hidden gems you can come across!

Stay Pretty!



Jessica said...

Great tip (no pun intended!) I'd add that at any reputable beauty school, you'll probably see better sanitation that the chop-shop nail places that you're talking about. Honestly, for something like a full set, the look is almost secondary to the price- once you have that full set on and have saved $50 you can always get them filled by someone else if you weren't thrilled w/ your novice's work.

If you're lucky enough to be near one of Aveda's Institutes (there are over 50 in the US now) check them out- they do full on spa treatments- complete with aromatherapy and massage. They're nicer than many actual salons I've been to!

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