Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Posted by Marie

Ok ok I know...don't shoot me. It's been forever and 2 days since I've updated my blog....I would love to blame it on being busy but instead, it's on being lazy. I'm working on that.

When I was at IMATS (still need to blog on that one lol), I bought a LOT of stuff.....I could've easily bought more but my bank account advised me otherwise lol. Anyway, one of the things I did pick up was the Model in a Bottle show special, which consisted of the Model in a Bottle setting spray, eyebrow sealer, 2 mini duo fiber brushes and an eyelash curler. My setting spray met an untimely demise. All but 1/4 of the bottle leaked out for some reason. I hadn't even opened it or put the spray nozzle on! Needless to say I'm a tad bit pissy about that, but that's not the point of this blog today.

My focus is on the eyebrow sealer. If any of you either fill in your brows heavily or have to draw them on (don't judge....as long as they are in the right spot and don't look like 2 checkmarks on your face, have at it) you will LOVE this!!! The tail of my brows are hand sculpted by me lol, so I know the experience of being in the club getting sweaty and accidentally wiping your brow off. Or constantly worrying about doing that. With this product they don't even budge. It comes with 2 applicators-a spoolie and a nail polish like brush. It's really easy to use. Just fill in your brows as usual, take either the spoolie or the brush (I use the spoolie), shake off the excess and tap it lightly across your brows. It holds the natural hairs in place as well as sealing the powder/pencil. I literally sat there one day and attempted to rub it off. Yes...eventually it did come off (and by eventually I mean after 3 minutes of continuous scrubbing) but unless your work consists of doing something that requires you to be constantly rubbing your forehead against something, you don't have to worry about sweating/rubbing off your brows!

The only drawback I noticed is if you apply too much it will go shiny and make your brows lose that natural look. Also if you've used too much and you sweat it may look flaky. The experiments I go thru to help out my readers lol. Other than that, it is definitely a product I will be buying again.

So if missing brows is something you experience, you might want to look into Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer. It's worth the $$$.


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