Thursday, July 29, 2010

Posted by Marie

Last night on Twitter a discussion was happening between one of the top MUA's out there (KJBennet) and some random dude. The random guy feels that makeup somehow is detrimental to a woman's self confidence and self worth, and that any one that wears it or applies it must be shallow and hate their own 'natural' beauty...... o_O

Now, I'm known as the resident peace maker. I will state my opinion without the intent of ruffling anyone's feathers, and this situation was no different. He 'commended' me for understanding that makeup doesn't define a womans beauty, it just enhances it. Now of course I refused to get in a battle of wits with an unarmed person, which was what was about to happen, so I left it at saying that sometimes women need makeup to realize the beauty that they already possess, which in certain circumstances is true.

I have an issue with people who have no clue of what it's like to be a woman trying to classify makeup. Male makeup artists understand it because they work with women daily. They know what it's like to see a woman that has never felt beautiful in her life look in a mirror and see the beautiful person staring back at her that's been inside her. They know the gratitude women have when you can cover up the acne scars, the burn marks, the permanent discolorations......They also know how to uplift and encourage women that there is more to life than the outer appearance. So when a man says he hates women that wear makeup and he likes a 'natural' beauty, they get a side eye. Why?? Because more than likely, if a woman that looked like he says he likes came his way, he wouldnt give her the time of day. If she walked up to him with major discoloration, dark circles and dull, lifeless skin, he'd have a problem with it. See he's looking for that rare lucky woman that has flawless skin, no bags, natural long lashes and perfectly pink lips.....they do exist but it's not the 'norm'.

And to say just because we love makeup we don't love our natural selves is such an ignorant statement. I walk out the house daily with no makeup, not even my brows done lol.....and when I am made up, more than likely it's just to tweak what I have going on. Yes of course I do like extreme shadow combos and bright pink lips, but on my daily routine it's just powder to even the skin, blush (since my natural glow is diminishing...damn you age!) gloss and eyeliner....So does that classify me as hating my natural self, because I like a bit of enhancement??

I do know women that wont leave the house without makeup.....and yes, that does play directly in with their self confidence. But it's not the makeup that's causing this lack in confidence. That makeup brush didn't chase her down and slap her in the face...The question is what has driven her to the point that she cant leave without it..... Is it society's standards of beauty? Was it from men telling her she wasn't pretty enough? Is it because she looks 'different' that the women she was raised around?

So please, don't lump makeup lovers/artists in a category of promoting degredation of self confidence. We stand before you with brushes in hand to help build up your confidence in the outside of you, and with kind words and shoulders to cry on to help build up your confidence INSIDE you.


Jennifer James Beauty said...



Thank you for your clarity, expertise, understanding & point of view on this matter. Right is right & you have hit every nail on the head precisely & point blank.

I love when professionals of every field are able to so eloquently promote what they do while at the same time opening previously blinded eyes
to other possibilities. Your explanations behind the emotions of it are intuitive & concise - which should give rise to more understanding all-around.


Every MUA should read this & embody its' deeper meaning & impact!!! YAY!

trinity said...

well said! the funny thing to me is that a lot of men say they don't like a lot of make-up, but they're lusting over all these stars with their "natural" looks... yet they fail to realize they've got hella airbrushing & even a "natural" look requires make-up.

Anonymous said...

today, before i clicked your link, i posted on my "makeup" blog how i had gotten so used to wearing makeup, even light makeup, daily, that i felt a little odd going into work with a bare face. i only felt odd because i'm used to my skin being clear, and lately, it hasn't been. i said all that to say, that it took me going through the day without makeup to realize that i was blowing the current issue with my skin out of proportion. 1. because it's not like i was wearing full coverage makeup, and 2. no one is perfect, and what looks like a huge mark to me is barely noticable to someone else. like you said, i like makeup, love it actually, and i quite possibly am addicted to it, but it doesn't make me or break me. i can take it or leave it. wanting to wear it and enhance the features God gave me doesn't make me a bad person, or any less aware of my self worth than someone who prefers a bare face. the gentleman that decided to comment about self esteem issues completely failed to consider that even women who don't wear makeup battle those. it's just amazing to me in general that he could profess to know so much about women. our experience as women are so completely different from theirs as men than any of us could pretend to comprehend.

i love me, lip gloss, lashes and all. he should too...

socialitedreams said...

I hate when dudes want to comment on that, always always trying to harp on how "natural" they like their women and yet if that were the case then India Arie would be chased and not Beyonce the lacefront wonder doll. They like a bare face my ass! Guys lust for the Kim Kardashians, Pamela Andersons, Beyonces, etc not the plainfaced girl with her ponytail chilling with the sweat-clothes on.

Makeup is FUN. it can enhance, it can create contours where there are none and a glow that is lacking, it can replenish youth, makeup can do a LOT of things so to hear random clowns disparage it and yet only lust for girls who wear PLENTY of it is laughable. Not that the only reason to wear it is to be attractive to guys, but lots of things that women do is to be attractive to men and lots of things that MEN do is to be attractive to women, so they can miss me with the self-righteousness.

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