Friday, July 30, 2010

Posted by Marie

Hey my pretties! So today I thought I'd give the new Maybelline mascara a total run for its money and see what happens. The first time I tried it I was just messing around so I wasn't really paying much attention to the details of the product.

Maybelline claims their Falsies Volume Express Mascara will give you a false lash look without the actual hassle of wearing them. Now just so you know, I already have long and fairly thick lashes, but I love the looked of amped up lashes! I don't wear falsies for the sheer fact they are hard for me to put on myself, I can't seem to get them where they need to be.

On with the show shall we? Below is a pic of my natural lashes with absolutely no enhancement:

Excuse the dark pics....I'm using my cellphone since I'm not at home taking these. This is the eye with the least amount of lashes.

Here is the same eye with one heavy coat of mascara. I do put mascara on the topside and bottom side of my lashes. I've never known whether people consider that to be a no-no or not, but it helps the lashes look even thicker without bogging down the underside of the lashes with product.

As you can see, it does really thicken up the lashes, which of course is what we are going for. It's very black as well...doesn't seem to lean green or anything like some mascaras or gel liners have been known to do. The application is very easy with the curved brush. One thing I did notice is that the product itself seems very wet. If you've got long lashes to begin with, you may want to sit still after application and not blink too much or open your eyes wide to prevent transfer to your eyelid. It does dry quickly and doesn't leave your lashes feeling crunchy, which is definitely a plus!

Here we go after a 2nd coat a few hours later. (I got sidetracked lol...had to actually do some work!) The lashes were stil pliable enough to add another coat so I went for it. In person it's definitely more dramatic than it's showing up in these pics, but I think you can get a good reference of its capability on the lashes.

My overall opinion: I like the mascara. I definitely like it better than the regular Volume Express, which seemed to leave my lashes super clumpy and has a sickeningly sweet smell that just annoyed me constantly.

Do I think it gives a 'false lash' effect? On a person with plenty lashes in the first place, yes, but I don't think if you're lacking in the lash department it will take you super over the top. It will definitely give you a more lush looking, thicker 'natural' lash. You'll end up looking like a natural thick lashed girl wearing regular mascara. But if length is what you crave, the only way to really get that is going to be with falsies.

Will I buy this again? Quite possibly yes. I say that because I switch up mascaras constantly and I never seem to buy a mascara twice but this does go on my list if I was to do so.

Have any of you ladies tried it out? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

Stay Pretty!



K&T Makeup Artistry said...

Thanks for this review! Mine is going up next week and yeah I hope you read it. This seems to work really well for you! Great job! Look at those lovely lashes!

ArtsyMakeupPixxie said...

Love it! I will definitely go out and buy it.

Simple Beauty said...

I Think I Will Have To Invest Since I Have Long Lashes!

socialitedreams said...

wow! I'd say it lives up to its name, your lashes look great

Stephanie said...

Very interesting!! I have the same kind of lashes like you do and was wondering how it would be before I went out and spent money. Now it seems I'm going to have to get it and review too! lol Thanks girl! :D

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