Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Posted by Marie

Ok yes, this particular entry isn't makeup related, but it still falls in the beauty category lol.

I've been playing with the idea of weightloss and these same 20 lbs for about 2 years now. I keep losing & stopping, and having to start over. I'm tired of starting over. I just want to be done with it, make the lifestyle changes and stick to them so that they become habits just like all the bad things became a habit.

Easier said than done.

So as of today, September 1, 2010, I am starting a 100 day challenge to not eat fast food. No McDonalds, no Sonic (gasp!), no Wendy's, not even pizza or chinese....none of that. The only thing that doesn't go on this list is Subway because I have total control on what goes in a sandwich and can make it as healthy as possible.

That's my plan, along with getting back to working out, getting more sleep and focusing on my health. I'll check in periodically on here to give you guys an update on my progress/regress/whatever-gress I may be having.

Feel free to join me if you like! We could all stand to be a bit healthier, right?

Stay Pretty!



1Purple Eye Diamond1 said...

oooh i think i will join you in this it will do goo for my hips as well as my pocket!.Muahs!!

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