Monday, August 2, 2010

Posted by Marie

So what's on my favorite things? Do you have the time because my list is LONGGGGGGG haha.....

But for today, I'm picking my current must have tool. It's the thing right now I have to make sure I have with me if I plan on doing my makeup away from home because of the difference it can make in my mascara life. For you my pretties, I introduce:

The eyelash definer!!! Ah yes....if you ever wanted to find the end of clumpy, spider leg mascara application, this my dear is your friend and confidant.....It will make even the worst mascara work if you need it to. I got this one at IMATS from Crown Brush (thank goodness for being tall & having long arms because I was just reaching over folks lol)....actually I grabbed 4. I'd been on a hunt for this one and it's one of the hardest tools to find. It combs right thru any excess mascara hanging on to your lashes without stripping all of it off or clumping it together more than it was in the first place. If you've ever attempted to do this with the comb end of an eyebrow brush/comb combo you know EXACTLY what I'm referring to. It's also handy in shaping your lashes for the desired effect (cateye, bedroom/dreamy, etc). And with its teeny tiny teeth it'll make sure all of your lashes get individual attention when you bat those eyes...not saying it'll help you get out of that ticket or get your tire fixed for free but never know!!
So my Pretties, have you tried it? How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments!
Stay Pretty!


trinity said...

metal lash combs are the ONLY way to go!

Drea J. said...

Oooo something else to add to my list!

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