Monday, August 16, 2010

Posted by Marie

Hey my pretties!

It's summer time....time for fun in the sun, hitting the beach and going on vacations....But sometimes we forget certain important things. I was doing my makeup this weekend and wanted a heavier foundation because I was going for a certain look, and I needed that perfectly matte & flawless skin....Once I finished my foundation and looked in the bathroom mirror under that crazy light, I realized I too had fallen victim to a typical summer makeup sin: my foundation was too light.

Remember ladies (and gents), if it's summer you can just about guarantee getting some kind of a tan, that is of course unless you are a hermit and never, EVER go outside. With a summer tan, even a slight one, comes the necessary adjustment of your foundation. You're not the same color in August as you are in January, so please change your foundation accordingly. I personally use tinted moisturizers in the summer since I don't need a lot of coverage, and they usually come in generic shade ranges like medium, deep, dark, etc., so if that's what you use normally you should be fine. But if you're a traditional foundation girl, you will have to make adjustments. I know foundation can be pricey but there are companies that make adjusters specifically for these reasons (face atelier has one).

So yes ladies.....if the foundation you're wearing was bought in February, chances are right now it's just not quite the right color, even if you're barely sunkissed. So run by a few MACs or Sephoras, get match and snag up some samples if nothing's cost effective and will keep your look perfect even in this August heat!

Stay pretty!



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