Friday, August 20, 2010

Posted by Marie

Happy Friday my pretties!

I don't think I've mentioned this, but I recently got back on my weight loss journey. I took a slight detour that lead me down a road of overabundance of wine, hot wings and doritos..(yassss gurl yasssss), but it's time to get that back on track. One part of this process is I take a waterpill daily.....which of course increases your need to drink more water as well as pulls any excess water out of your system. This has one side effect that I cant deal with: dry lips.

I have very sensitive lips....the slightest change can trigger superfine bumps across them, and no one wants that. Carmex gives me this reaction. Some of the other lip balms do nothing, they just sit on there like vaseline. But Smith's Lip Balm is AMAZING!!! It has a slight tingling sensation caused by peppermint (which I LOVE), but nothing overpowering. It's smoothing and hydrating. Sinks into your lips but still leaves that protective feel you get from products like Carmex, without that super greasy feel.
I know a lot of people are offput by lip products in tins/jars but no fear-they have it in a squeeze tube as well! I keep one in my kit and it's the 1st thing I put on my clients so it has time to absorb while I finish the rest of the face.
It's $7 for 22 g of product at Sephora. I believe Ulta has it as well. It may be a bit pricey for some, but if other things just aren't working for you, it might be worth the try!
Stay Pretty!


trinity said...

i think i need this! :)

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