Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Posted by Marie

Good morning Pretties!

As many of you know already, I'm somewhat of a brush whore.....In my mind, you can never have too many, and I am definitely living up to that expectation lol.

While in IMATS I stumbled upon this booth kinda stuck back in the cut....couldnt really tell what was going on there, all I saw were bright yellow handles. Upon further investigation (and dragging Trinity, aka Harajukuhunnies with me) I realized that those bright handles were indeed makeup brushes!! The company is Bdellium Tools.

Marketed as 'anti bacterial' makeup brushes, Bdellium Tools offers at least 36 different brushes in its Studio line. There are travel sized brushes (the handles are shorter, same quality of brushes) and a Maestro line (black handles, silver ferrule) available. Your order would be placed thru Amazon.com. I purchased the 24 piece set for $85 on their show special. Price listed on Amazon for that set is $112, which for that amount of brushes is less than $5 a brush.

Per the website: What is anti-bacterial technology? Cutting edge anti-bacterial technology guards against harmful bacteria, fungus and mold which will bring you the utmost hygiene and assist in creating germ-free environment. All of the materials used in the anti-bacterial process are non-toxic and safe to the environment.

What do I think? These brushes are freaking AWESOME!! Now, I don't know how 'anti bacterial' they are considering I deep clean my brushes after every client so that's not an issue. What I do know is these brushes are as good, if not better than the brushes I own. My fave is the flat top kabuki. I use them for foundation and I must say it's wonderful. Covers flawlessly with no streaks, perfect application. I even like the lip brush (which is something I rarely use). The "187" type brush is dense and sturdy, yet still very soft. Honestly I wish I had known these brushes were this good and I wouldve bought another set!

You can buy the brushes individually and in smaller sets as well, which is good if you just want to test them out.

Would I recommend them? Absolutely. No questions about that.

Check out www.bdelliumtools.com for more info


Reina said...

Have you tried A Design makeup brushes? If so, how do they compare? Because I'm inlove with A Design.

Marie A.K.A. ReeReeKins said...

@ Reina, I havent tried them yet. They are on my list next though....I'm so addicted to brushes lol. They are definitely comparable to my mac,sigma and stila brushes.

A Brilliant Brunette said...

OMG...I want these! I don't need them, but I do. They look and sound so nice!

thaotien said...

I am tossing up between sigma brushes and bdellium brushes. Which do you recommend?

Marie A.K.A. ReeReeKins said...

@Thaotien I have sigma brushes as well and honestly, I would personally buy more Bdellium brushes. They are just as good, if not better than Sigma, and for the price, you can get more brushes for your $$. I spent $150 on a 15 piece from sigma, & the 24 piece Bdellium is only $112. I would say try a few individual brushes and see, if you can.

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